About Us

Nesvizh and its surroundings together with the "Belastok" Hotel open to you fabulous pages of their lives.
Century after century, unique landscapes beckon with their beauty and authentic look travelers who accidentally or deliberately get into the forest thickets of the Belarusian lands. The rich and unique parks of Nesvizh conceal the secrets of the lone undine and the Black Panna, many lakes keep the secrets of the darkest times in the history of the famous Radziwill family... Perhaps even today the Golden apostles rest at the bottom of the Nesvizh waters, and the secret passages connect two unique architectural monuments – the Mir castle and the Nesvizh Palace.
The rich history of these lands creates a truly fantastic world of Belarusian culture. The "Belastok" Hotel cordially invites you to plunge into the wonderful adventures of Nesvizh and its surroundings and stay for an equally magnificent holiday within the walls of our hotel.
Comfort, quality of the equipment and the original style of each room are the three pillars on which our hotel stands. A good sleep and delicious food, calmness and positive emotions have already been looking forward to you and the polite staff and attractive prices will definitely improve your mood there. A tourist and a businessman, a lover of active recreation and a fan of relaxation, an aesthete and a sportsman – the "Belastok" Hotel will satisfy the needs of each of you!